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WIM/WIMA-8000/8500 Armature Wedge Inserting Machine

Standard Features

-Single lift and rotate station to raise armature from the material handling device and rotate it 180 degrees.

-Centralized push button operator control panel.

-Allen-Bradley Microview Display for machine parameter data entry with two (2) line, 16 character display including fault coded diagnostics and parts counter.

-Allen-Bradley Micrologix Programmable Controller.

-Mechanical paper length adjustment, manually operated.

-Metric construction.

-12 mm plug-in proximity switches.

-Modular sheet metal and polycarbonate guarding with electrical interlocks where required.

-Air operated pressure switch to stop machine and avoid damage due to jamming of paper.

-Centralized lubrication system.

-Variable D.C. motor drive.

-Multi-tap line voltage transformer.

-Wedge material supplied must be preslit to correct width +/- 0.2 mm / 0.008 inch.


-WIM-8000 - Manual load/unload -maximum stack height – 108 mm (4.25 inches) at 3.75 cells per second.

-WIMA-8000 - Automatic - Lift station - maximum stack height –108 mm (4.25 inches) at 3.75 cells per second.

-WIM-8500 - Manual load/unload -maximum stack height – 60 mm (2.38 inches) at 4.75 cells per second.

-WIMA-8500 - Automatic - Lift station - maximum stack height – 60 mm (2.38 inches)at 4.75 cells per second.


Material slitting mechanism to automatically cut wedge material to desired width. Material width to be at least 3.2 mm (0.125 inches) greater than desired final width.

-Second material supply.

-Skewed armatures are accommodated with machine set at an angle to material handling.

-IC-2000 Industrial Computer Control System.

-Variable cut length feature using servo motor.

-Lamination stack heights preset in touch screen under part number.


-Tooling to accommodate most insulating materials including rag, paper, laminates, mylar or other similar plastic materials and laminates. Thicker materials require custom designs.

-Tooling consisting of lift chuck, upper and lower form rolls, wedge cavity, nose piece, ram, drift, and knife assembly.

-Tooling designed to provide wedge material formed to precisely fit the contour of the lamination.

Armature and Wedge Material Specifications

-Armature Diameter Min 22.0 mm (0.875 inch), Max 76 mm (3.00 inches)

-Wedge Material Width Min 9.5 mm (0.375 inch), Max 38 mm (1.50 inches)

-Wedge Feed Length Min 19.0 mm (0.750 inch), Max 108 mm (4.25 inches)

Machine Specifications

electrical requirements

Standard 1 KVA 240/460 Volts 1-phase 50/60 Hertz. 110 Volt model available. Special voltages are available upon request.

Pneumatic Requirements

A 0.5 in. (13mm), 100 psi (6.8 atm) capacity air line should supply the machine. A supplied pressure regulator will reduce pressure to 80 psi (5.4 atm) for machine operation.

approximate Machine Dimensions

-Width: 0.71 M (28 inches)

-Length: 0.97 M (38 inches)

-Height: 1.22 M (48 inches)

approximate Machine Weight

880 kilograms (2000 pounds)

operating environment

40º Fahrenheit (4º Centigrade) to 104º Fahrenheit (40º Centigrade).