MDF-8500 Double Flier Armature Winder

-Standard 7.5 KVA 208, 240, 380, 415, 480 and 600
-Volts, 3-phase 50/60 Hertz.

Pneumatic requirements

An air supply of 100 PSI (6.8 atm) with minimum 9 CFM (255 liters/minute) is required to operate the machine. A pressure regulator (supplied with the machine) will reduce the pressure to 80 PSI (5.5 atm) for the machine operation.

approximate machine dimensions

-WIDTH: 1.480 M (58 inches)

-DEEP: 2.240 M (88 inches)

-HEIGHT: 1.525 M (60 inches)

Machine weight

1,090 kilograms (2,400 pounds)

Operating environment

40º Fahrenheit (4º Centigrade) to 104º Fahrenheit (40º Centigrade).

Standard Features

-Dual ‘opto-touch’ cycle start buttons.

-Operator interactive 265mm (10.4in.) VGA color touch screen providing a graphical user interface, displayed in a windows environment.

-IC-2000 Industrial Computer open architecture control system incorporating ‘off-the-shelf’ scalable hardware including:-Pentium micro processor.
-ISA industrial grade Bus.
-Flash Drive for program storage (non-rotating).
-3.5in., 144Mbyte floppy disk drive for part parameter and production data backup.
-Ethernet 10-Based-2 coaxial networking.
-Centronics printer port.
-QNX real-time operating system providing a windowing environment, displaying and including parameter storage for up to 1000 part configurations, operator selectable and graphically displayed production data, extended diagnostics through complete I/O status examination and fault prompting, setup utilities with wire tension and wind velocity profile viewing, and single keying of multiple languages.

-Brushless D.C. Servo Drive with absolute resolver and capable of obtaining flier speeds of 3,800 RPM in 250 milliseconds.

-40Mhz Digital Signal Processor (DPS) for motion control of the fliers and rotator motor positions. Separate flier drive motor Accel and Decel settings with ‘S’ curve ramping for quick and smooth winding velocities.
-UR-I Universal Rotator for precise, high speed index of armature including:
-Herring bone belt, servo motor drive.
-Industrial standard collet clamping design utilizing draw bar and commercially available collet.
-'No-tool’ adjustable, heavy duty wire clamp assemblies.
-Collet retainer and draw bar assembly.-Accommodates a wire range of 0.08 to 1.02mm (38 to 18AWG).
-Metric construction.
-12mm plug-in proximity switches.
-Fabricated, welded and normalized steel base
-Lead wire collection system.
-Flier hub assemblies.
-Winding form stabilization mechanism.

Through the head lead guide actuation and index stop actuator for initial index allowing armature assemblies to be rotated in both directions during winding and lead connecting.

EXACTROL Electronic Wire Tension Controller included in IC-2000 controls system.

Modular guarding with all electrical interlocks and extruded aluminum frame with polycarbonate inserts.

Modular construction to provide for fast tooling changeover.

Set up for even slot capability.

Standard software includes generally accepted automotive-alpha and DIAMACON winding patterns on standard type armatures.

Software can include Snap-Away, ACCUTRIM, inner shield and pull back outer shield trimming.

Dynamic wire sensing mechanism to detect broken and/or depleted wire supply.

Machine Specifications

Electrical specifications

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