MDF-8000 Armature Winder

Faster, Easier Operation, Improved Access, Better Visibility

The GLOBE MDF-8000 Universal Armature Winding Machine has evolved from the fine heritage of earlier Globe models and today’s latest technology. The 8000 series winder is equipped with state of the art computer technology providing numerous improved performance and time saving features.

-Up to 20% Faster Cycle Times.

-IC-2000 Industrial Computer Machine Control.

-Color Touch Screen.


-Easy Access for Set Up and Maintenance.

IC-2000 Industrial Computer Machine Control

The IC-2000 control system provides independent “S” curve control of the acceleration and deceleration of the flier arm rotation. This permits the flier arms to reach top winding speed faster without the risk of wire breakage when starting and stopping the wind. Cycle time is also reduced by attaining peak flier speed faster and maintaining the maximum speed longer before decelerating to the stop position. IC-2000 includes all the features of our earlier IC-10 controls, plus valuable enhancements that include:

-Intel Pentium a Processor with MMXTM Technology.

-Digital Signal Process (DSP) motion controller.


-Network capable through TCP/IP file transfer protocols using Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) or modem.

-Off-the-shelf industrial computer components.

-QNX operating system.

-PCMCIA flash drive.

-VGA Touch Screen.

The open architecture control system hardware consists of off-the-shelf industrial computer components with 32 megabytes of RAM and the CPU operating at 200 MHz. It uses the QNX operating system that provides real-time control with all the benefits of the well proven PC technology. By design, the system is expandable, scalable and upgradable to keep pace with rapid PC developments. All system and part parameter programs reside on fast PCMCIA flash drive cards, which contain no moving parts and are more reliable than rotating hard drives.

DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR (DSP) motion controller provides coordinated control of the flyer and rotator servo axes and excellent “S” curve acceleration and deceleration control. In addition, DSP permits overlapping of the sequence of events.

SYNCHRONOUS PARALLEL SEQUENCING reduces cycle time by overlapping event sequences such as winding and shield retract during hooking. The following charts describe the 20% reduction in cycle time.

NETWORKING INTEGRATION is an optional feature. Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10MBPS, 10 base-2 (Coax) or 10 Base-T (Twisted Pair) using TCP/IP Protocol may be used for remote monitoring and/or integration with factory networks (Internets). Also a modem may be added to provide additional network access.

COLOR VGA TOUCH SCREEN provides graphical displays and labeled icons for ease of function selection. Extensive help and on-line manuals use pictures and graphs to clarify and explain the functions or parameters. Touch buttons are located across the bottom of the touch screen. The buttons are always displayed to easily reach menus without having to page through numerous screens. In addition to English, local languages are provided as required. Annunciating characters and simplified Chinese (available at a later date) are displayed on the screen. The 10.4 inch (264mm) color touch screen is located in the operator control panel. It is positioned on a movable pendant for the convenience of the operator, setup or maintenance personnel.


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UR-1 Rotator

The UR-1 TM rotator accurately positions the armature in the tooling using a brushless servo motor and resolver feedback that provides an electrical resolution of 0.0125 degrees. A herringbone belt connects the motor to the collet spindle to position the armature in the tooling.

A HARDINGE collet is mounted in a simplified spindle and retained by the drawbar which is clamped by an air actuator. The improved collet clamping system holds the armature more securely and accurately. Test results show a high clamping force and closer centering of the armature. Improved wire clamps have an increased barrel diameter, clamp surface area and clamp force. Wire clamps are located by graduated scales to permit repeatable setups to a wire clamp position. Positions are recorded in the changeover notes by the operator. The quick change feature of the inner and outer shields are unchanged from the MDF-5000 model. All setup adjustments of the UR-1 rotator are completed without the use of any hand tools.

Graduated scales used to locate wire clamps UR- Rotator EASY ACCESS FOR SETUP AND MAINTENANCE All MDF-800 armature winders are designed to provide easy access to areas of the machine during setup or maintenance. During tooling changeover, the tooling and wire clamps are within easy reach of the setup personnel through the front and side opening guards. This is also true when the machine is used in a system with automatic loaders. All controls and valves are accessed through conveniently located doors in the guards and panels.

Standard Machine The MDF-8000 is the standard armature winder which meets most armature winding requirements including DIAMACON and automotive alpha winding patters. It provides wire termination capability of snap-away, lead guide trim, inner shield trim and pull back outer shield trim for tang type commutators. Stuff-In-Slot Machine The MDF-8400 is a stuff-in-slot armature winder with a rotator to connect wire to commutators without tangs. These can be commutators with or without risers. Skewed & 4/6 Pole Machine The MDF-8500 is equipped with a bridge over the tooling for those applications requiring center wire guides such as skewed armatures, 4-pole armatures or 6-pole armatures. Lead Loop Machine The MDF-8700 is a lead loop armature winder to process armatures without commutators. After winding, looped lead wires are manually connected to the commutator.

Standard Features

-OPTO-TOUCH Cycle Start Buttons.

-Color touch screen.

-IC-2000 Industrial Computer Control.

-Brushless servo drive motors.

-UR-1 rotator with heavy duty wire clamps.

-Flier hub assemblies. Metric construction. 12 mm plug-in proximity switches.

-Normalized steel base. Lead wire collection system.

-Collet retainer and draw bar assembly.

-EXACTROL electronic wire tension controller providing up to 12 different tension settings.

-Even slot winding capability.

-Control sequences for DIAMACON and automotive alpha winding patterns.

-Control sequences for snap-away, inner and outer shield trim.

-Molded polycarbonate guarding with electrical safety interlocks.

Electrical panel easily accessible from rear of the MDF-8000. Valve bank can be accessed through the bottom right panel of the MDF-8000. TOOLING The MDF-8000 is compatible with the tooling used on earlier models of GLOBE armature winders. Winding forms from the MDF-4000, MDF-5000, MDF-6000 and MDF-8000 can be interchanged. In most cases, the inner and outer shields can be easily adapted from the MDF-5000 Series II and Series III with modified extensions. SIM-FLEX TM Tang Connect Tooling includes hardened steel winding forms with side plates for straight slot armatures. The winding form mounting plate assembly contains the index dog, lead guide slides and lead guide actuators. Lead guides are positioned to accurately guide the wire into the root of the tang. In some applications, the lead guide trim feature can be added. 4-Pole and 6-Pole Tooling 4-pole and 6-pole tooling require the use of center wire guides. The top center wire guide is mounted on the flier spindle housing and the lower guide is mounted on the base. Lead Guide Trim GLOBE has developed a unique method of trimming the start wire at the tang on certain armature designs. The lead guide, which covers the tank while directing the wire into the root of the tang, is equipped with a special trim blade. The trimmed wire is wrapped further around the tang and does not interfere with hot staking. Brushless Motor Tooling Polyphase brushless motors in multiple pole designs are wound on standard and modified GLOBE armature winders. Special tooling packages have been created to adapt the machine to specific customer requirements. The flexible programming capability of the GLOBE winding machines and the special tooling packages permit automatic wire termination of start and finish leads, along with the capability of continuous winding from one phase to another. Quick Change SIM-FLEX Tooling mounted on the balanced flier hubs. Note the wire collection below the tooling. 4-pole tooling on the MDF-8500 with center wire guides. Stuff-In-Slot Tooling on MDF-8000. Precision tooling can accommodate riser or riserless style commutators.

Machine Specifications

Winding patterns

The standard machine includes control of the DIAMACON and automotive alpha winding patterns.

Electrical requirements

The machine is arranged for the following specifications by changing the wire in the machine transformer:

-208/240/380/415/480/600 volts.

-3 phase

-50/60 Hertz

-Typical power consumption is 7.5KVA

pneumatic requirements

An air supply of 100 PSI (6.8 atm) with minimum 9 CFM (255 liters/minute)is required to operate the machine. A pressure regulator (supplied with the machine) will reduce the pressure to 80 PSI (5.5 atm) for machine operation.

-Stack Diameter Minimum Maximum ½” (13mm) 3” (76mm)

-Stack Length Minimum Maximum 4” (101mm) 10” (254mm)

-Wire Size Range 40 AWG (0.08 mm) Minimum <16 AWG (1.30 mm) Maximum

Approximate machine dimensions

Hight - 1525 mm (60 inches)

Wide - 1118 mm (44 inches)

Deep - 1384 mm (54.5 inches)

Machine weight

1090 kg (2400 lbs.)

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