LSDM Lamination Stack Dispensing Machine

The Globe Model LSDM Lamination Select Dispenser Machine is designed to automatically deliver the correct number of laminations according to the customer’s stack height requirement.

Standard Features

Manual load of a column of loose laminations into the load chute.

Maximum of 900 mm (35.5 inches) column length.

Pneumatically controlled (not electric).

Maximum selectable lamination stack height – 76 mm (3 inches).

Maximum lamination diameter – 152 mm (6 inches).

Capable of selecting 450 lamination stacks per hour at 100% efficiency.

Manual unload of loose lamination stack.


The laminations are fed into the machine manually. After the operator closes the guard, the machine will automatically select the stack and open the guard to permit unloading.


The Globe Model LSDM Lamination Stack Dispenser Machine features include all the necessary switches and controls to operate the stack selection. A safety feature has been designed into the controls to prevent the LSDM Lamination Stack Dispenser Machine from operating out of sequence.


Cycle rate of up to 450 per hour at 100% efficiency can be obtained with operator efficiency.

Stack Diameter Changeover

To change the machine for different stack diameters, the following tooling must be changed:

-Load chute.

-Dispensing clamp.

-Elevator tooling.

Stack Height Changeover

The stack height is determined by the depth with which the elevator pins extend into the lamination chute. A stop is required for each stack height.

Machine Specifications

Electrical requirements

None, the Globe LSDM Lamination Stack Dispenser Machine is fully pneumatic.

Pneumatic requirements

A one-half inch, 100 PSI (6.8 atm) capacity air line should supply the machine. A pressure regulator will reduce the pressure to 80 PSI (5.4 atm) for machine operation.

Approximate machine dimensions

WIDTH: 914 mm (36 inches)

HEIGHT: 2134 mm (84 inches)

DEPTH: 508 mm (20 inches)

Machine Weight

227 kilograms (500 pounds)

Lamination Capacities


± 1 lamination (Provided clean, dry laminations are used.)


76 mm (3 inches) Max Stack Diameter 152 mm (6 inches) Max.