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EWT EXACTROL Electronic Wire Tensioning System

The Globe EXACTROL EWT Series wire tensioning systems provides electric motor manufacturers with a number of options to achieve and maintain optimum magnet wire tension during armature winding. TENSION CONTROL ON MDF 5000 & 8000 WINDERS.

-A pair of tensioning head assemblies, one for each wire entering the winding head.
-Mounting brackets to mount on the MDF winder.
-Model of tensioning heads determined by the size of wire (see attached chart).
-Wire tension is defined in the MDF part parameter winder software included in the winding machine. -Wire tension for the winding of a coil is typically established for each step in the winding process: (1) Initial index 2) Hooking 3) Accelerating (4) Winding (5) Decelerating (6) First index to wind (7) And beyond is optional
-Wire tension steps can be established and repeated for each individual coil of the armature. In other words, a tension profile can be completed for each coil making up the completed armature.
-Mechanical dancer arms with spring tensioners are used to “take-up” loose wire during the winding process.

Standard Features

Model Information

-EWT-100: Metric 0.08-0.13, AWG 40-36

-EWT-101: Metric 0.14-0.23, AWG 35-29

-EWT-300: Metric 0.25-0.45, AWG 28-26

-EWT-301: Metric 0.46-0.71, AWG 25-22

-EWT-700: Metric 0.72-1.02, AWG 21-19

-EWT-701: Metric 1.03-1.29, AWG 18-16

Tension Control System for General Armature Winders, Coil Winders, and Other Applications

-One solid state monitor control module to control a pair of tensioning head assemblies.

-Mounting brackets to mount two (2) tensioning heads.

-Three (3) preset tensions are established and can be accessed from the machine control.

-Three (3) decade digital displays are used to show the values of tension on the control module.

Application Information

The attached winding tension chart is included to define some approximate tension limits used by Globe to set up the tensioning devices. These tension limits generally represent the tension force limit before the copper wire is elongated. Wire size is also defined in AWG and metric sizes.


Electrical requirements

120/220 VAC, 50/60 HERTZ

EWT Electronic Control Module (approximate)

Width: 165 mm (6.50 inches)

Height: 286 mm (11.25 inches)

Length: 391 mm (15.40 inches)

EWT Weight (approximate)

9.5 kilograms (21 pounds)

*Technical specifications subject to change without notice.