DIA-8300 Automatic Commutator Turning Machine

The Globe 8000 series Commutator Turning Center is equipped with state-of-the art computer technology and a pneumatically controlled walking beam load/unload assembly that provides numerous performance-improving and time saving features including:

-IC-2000(TM) Industrial Computer Machine Control

-Color VGA Touch Screen

-Robust, vibration-free base and tooling mounting surfaces.

-Pneumatically controlled walking beam load/unload assembly.

-Swing-away guarding for maximum access.

-Faster changeover from part to part.

-Optical bench setup of cutting tools for quick change capability.

-Complete control of belt speed for correct cutting surface speed.

-Gravity chip hopper system with collection drawer for easy external chip removal.

-Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of armature during cutting.

-40% less floor space than previous model.

The DIA-8300 Commutator Turning Center contains three servo drives to control the rotation of the armature, the feed rate or feed per revolution, and the depth of cut. The unit’s software permits the incorporation of three separate depths of cut or diameter dimensions on each commutator, making the machine very flexible. Floor space is reduced by 40% from previous model.

Standard Features

-Automatic load/unload of armature into the turning and brushing stations.

-Touch screen provides machine diagnostics and 1000-part parameter storage.

-Eternal printer port, key pad port, serial port, RS-232 port, and 3.5 in. floppy disk drive.

-Fully programmable controls determine belt speed from inputs of stack diameter, commutator finish diameter and desired surface speed.

-Proper surface finish assured with programmable tool feed rate and multi-cuts per part.

-Pneumatically controlled walking beam system.

-Standard carbide “U” journals with automatic oil-injected lubrication for long life.

-Movable overhead control panel for operator convenience.

-Easy access for maintenance.

-Balanced brushless servo motor drive controls armature rotation.

-Commutator-slot brush attachment brushes loose chips from commutator slots.


-Dual cutting stations.

-Load and unload devices.

-Measurement stations and reject provisions.

-Defined cut length from the commutator end of shaft.

-Powered retractable rear “U” journal. Flat-faced commutator cutting.

-Dual tool holder for rough and finish cutting.

-Skim cut for varnish removal.

-Diamond inserted “U” journals.

-Network capable through TCP/IP file transfer protocols using Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) or modem.

-Accumulation conveyors at entrance and exit of walking beam.

PART ROTATION is controlled by a belt that is driven by a servo motor. The drive belt motor speed for each cut of the process is automatically calculated based on the inputted surface feet or meter per minute. Normally this is 1,000 feet (30.5 meters) per minute. If speed change is necessary, it can be altered easily through the touch screen .

FEED RATE or feed per revolution of the part is programmed via the touch screen. The unit synchronizes all work through the Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

DEPTH OF CUT can also be programmed via the touch screen. Two or more passes, such as a rough cut and a finish cut, may be required if achieving the required cut depths in one pass is unpractical. Both cuts can be accomplished at a single station by programming cut requirements at setup.

MACHINE BASE - A heavy, normalized steel fabricated provides accurate alignments within the machine. A special cast iron platform is mounted to the top of the base to support the “U” journals and cutting tool feed slides. This provides excellent dampening of any vibration induced by the cutting process.

CONVENIENT SETUP is assured as the cut length zero reference is established by using a single learn button on the touch screen for each tool. The cut diameter is reference using a gauge block or a different learn button for the cross slide servo motor. The result is faster, simpler changeover from part to part.

SIMPLIFIED PNEUMATICALLY CONTROLLED WALKING BEAM SYSTEM for automatic load and unload, replacing the Camco Box used in earlier models. The result is faster operation and simplified troubleshooting and maintenance. By connecting the belt drive head assembly to the walking beam system, both move up and down simultaneously to reduce cycle time. Stationary armature holders are attached to the journal supports so they are automatically adjusted as the journal supports are adjusted for different parts. This eliminates the need for the cumbersome Acme screw wheel adjustments used on the prior models. ​ Armature transport via walking beam.

CHIP COLLECTION is designed into the machine bed. Chips fall via gravity down a sloped base into a collection drawer located on the lower right-hand side of the machine. Deflectors mounted above the cutting tools direct the chips toward the sloped base of the machine. This eliminated the need for vacuum chip collection systems. The collection drawer can be removed externally from the machine to dispose of the chips.

The armature BELT DRIVEN HEAD accurately controls the rotation speed of the armature through a servo-controlled motor for the precise setting of the cutting speed. The belt can be run in either direction to provide clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the armature during cutting.

Easy swivel of the belt-driving head about a radius from the center of the lamination stack provides quick setup for reversing rotation direction of the armature. Neither the head nor the armature needs to be repositioned when the head is swiveled.

Belt tension is set through a sensitive air-tensioning device. The belt provides an adjustable and repeatable pressure on the armature that minimizes deflection of the armature while creating a positive drive by the belt. Setting the lower position of the head with a preset turret stop block sets the belt wrap. A turret stop block also controls the clearance of the belt above the armature when the belt-driving head is in the raised position. This reduced motion shortens cycle time.


-“U” journals used instead of “V” journals for improved support and stability.

-Synthetic or natural diamonds assure precision cutting.

-Walking beam holders with magnets retain and protect armatures during lifting, transporting, and lowering. Holders are made for families of lamination stack diameters.

Machine Specifications


-Travel of Feed Slide - 6 in. (152 mm) max.

-Travel of Cross Slide - 3 in. (76 mm) max.

-Belt Speed - Max. 2500 rpm in 150 ms Maximum Rapid Feed Rate - 8.33 in./sec. (212 min./sec.) max. -Typical Production Rate - < 5 seconds

-Diameter and cut length programmable by 0.0001 in. or 2.54 microns (2.54 x 106 m)

-Electrical Power - 208/240/380/400/415/480/600 V, 3-phaze, 50/60 Hz, 7.5 KVA

-Machine Weight - 1500 pounds (approx.), 680 kilograms (approx.)

Armature capabilities

-Lamination Diameter 4 in. (102 mm) max.

-Stack Height 3 in. (76 mm) max.

-Shaft Length 10 in. (254 mm) max.

-Shaft Diameter 0.125 in. - 0.875 in. (3 - 22 mm)

-Commutator Diameter 0.25 in. - 2.26 in. (6.4 - 57.3 mm)

Machine dimensions

37 in. (940 mm) Wide

64 in. (1625 mm) Deep

73 in. (1854 mm) High