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ALUR-8000 Auto Load Unload Robot

Standard Features

The Globe ALUR-8000 Auto Load Unload Robot can be provided with newly purchased Globe MDF-8000 Double Flier Armature winders or added at any time to manually operated MDF-8000 winders already in service.

Use the ALUR-8000 permits fully automatic operation of the manual MDF-8000 machines by automatically loading and unloading the winder from the material handling system. A Globe Model MDF-8000 winder can be initially purchased separately for start-up manual production and later updated by adding the ALUR-8000.

ALUR-8000 shown with optional system machines and material handling system. System guards removed for photo purposes.

Additional Features

-Flexibility — Can be added at any time:

-Push button operator control panel.

-Metric construction.

-ISO valves and cylinders where possible.

-12 mm plug-in proximity switches.

-Brushless D.C. Servomotor Drive to control in/out motion.

-Unit plugs into Series 8000® winder utilizing Globe’s IC-2000 Intelligent Control System including a printed circuit board and software.

-Automatic adjustment for different armature configurations with part parameter storage in the winder interactive touch screen display.

-Dual head to load and unload the winder.

-Commutator is preloaded against collet in winder rotator to insure precise location of tang for wire connection.

-Transfers the armature between winder and material handling.

-Elevator to raise/lower the armature to/from material handling.

All materials necessary for installation are included with the ALUR-8000.

IC-2000TM Controls

The Globe ALUR-8000 used exclusive IC-2000TM Controls which are fully programmable through the MDF-8000 winder.

Electrical and Pneumatics

All power and air requirements for the ALUR-8000 are satisfied directly from the MDF-8000 winder thus eliminating the need for special electrical and pneumatic “drops”.

Quick Changeover

No special tools are required and changeover can typically be accomplished in less than 15 minutes.

Easy Access

Design configuration and placement of the ALUR-8000 permits easy access to the winder.


The efficient design of the ALUR-8000 allows for maximum productivity equaling that of the winder.

Parts and Commonality

Many parts are common with those used in other “Series 8000” machines which reduces your parts inventory.

Approximate Machine Dimensions

Ease of Installation

-Width: 1219 mm (48.0 in.)

-Height: 1410 mm (55.5 in.)

-Depth: 1778 mm (70.0 in.)(long beam extended)

-Weight: 600 kg (600 lbs.)

​​ PHOTO: ALUR-800 presenting an armature to the winder. Typical installation. Note the use of pallet type conveyor. Guards removed for photo purposes.