AFM-8200 Hot Staking Machine

-AC-powered hot-staking unit.

-Dual-headed hot staking operation providing simultaneous welding of two (2) tangs.

-Automatic load/unload from chain or pallet.

-Free-floating (low friction) head design.

-Reduced cycle time due to cylinder and valve selection and position.

-Three (3) preset pressures programmable into any phase of the welding cycle.

-Integrated MedWeld weld control.

-Ten (10) part parameter storage using the standard thirty-one (31) weld schedules.

-10 KVA transformer at 50% duty cycle, 7.1 KVA continuous, with 10 tap primary and 1.0 to 2.0 or 2.0 to 4.0 VAC secondary voltage.

-Quick change weld electrode and ground bar.

-Bench setup of weld electrode in holder.

-Flexible, high current carrying capacity cables.

-Servo motor driven rotator for rotating the armature into welding positions.

-Hardinge collet mounted in simplified spindle and retained by an air actuated drawbar.

-Operator control panel on movable pendant.

-Initial index of armature via armature rotation and mechanical blade in lift chuck.

-Self-contained chiller with separate in and out manifolds.

-Quick positioning of hot staking heads.

-Easy access with swing away guarding.

-Allen-Bradley SLC-5/03 Programmable Controller.

-Allen-Bradley Data Table Access Module, 2 line and 16 characters.

Standard Features

Hot Staking Electrical Control Systems

-MedWeld interface with Allen-Bradley and MedLAN network.

-Programming weld sequence schedule by setting time, current, and pressure.

-High and low limit settings for current, power factor, and ratio of available current as compared to current settings (C factor).

-Automatic voltage compensation.

-Automatic current compensation.

-Automatic power factor compensation.

-Real time machine control.

-SPC capability of data from the MedWeld unit.

-Ability to layer and restrict program accessibility.

-Machine can be programmed to automatically stop for undesirable measurements.

-Ability to limit and monitor the number of hits of weld electrode.

Free Floating (Low Friction) Head Design

-Low friction roller ball guide assembly.

-Fast acting air valve attached to cylinder.

-Low friction air cylinder not attached to electrode holding assembly.

-Welding cables mounted to avoid restricting movement of welding head.

-Positive air cylinder driven return of welding head.

-Maximum force 628 Newtons.

Servo Motor Driven Rotator Assembly

-Quick Change Hardinge collet with air actuated drawbar assembly. Identical collet to that used in the armature winding machine.

-Programmable servo motor drive assembly to accurately position tang under electrode.

Quick Change Tooling

-Quick change “no tool” Hardinge collet.

-Lift chuck with initial index blade.

-Quick change “no tool” ground bar.

-Quick change “no tool” electrode holder with bench setup device, extra electrode and electrode holder.

Machine Specifications

Electrical Specifications

-208/220/240/380/400/440/480/600 Volts,

-3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 25 KVA.

Pneumatic Specifications

A 0.5 in. (12.7 mm), 100 psi (6.8 atm) capacity air line should supply the machine. A supplied pressure regulator will reduce pressure to 80 psi (5.4 atm) for machine operation. Air consumption is approximately 7.0 cfm (198 liters/min).

approximate machine dimensions

-Width 0.940 M (37 inches)

-Depth 1.397 M (55 inches)

-Height 2.057 M (81 inches)

Approximate machine weight

862 kilograms (1900 pounds)

Armature Capacities

-Lamination Diameter - min 12.00 mm (0.5000 inch), max 76.00 mm (3.000 inches)

-Lamination Stack Length - min 10.00 mm (0.3750 inch), max 102.00 mm (4.000 inches)

-Shaft Diameter - min 3.00 mm (0.1250 inch), max 22.00 mm (0.875 inch)

-Shaft Length - min 19.00 mm (0.7500 inch), max 178.00 mm (7.000 inches)

-Commutator Body Diameter - min 6.40 mm (0.2500 inch), max 57.00 mm (2.250 inches)

-Commutator Body Length - min 5.00 mm (0.1875 inch), max 51.00 mm (2.000 inches)

-Commutator End Shaft Extension - min 6.40 mm (0.2500 inch), max 76.00 mm (3.000 inches)

-Stack to Commutator - min 13.00 mm (0.5000 inch), max 25.00 mm (1.000 inch)

-Wire Size Range - min 0.10 mm (38 AWG), max 1.30 mm (16 AWG)